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Nissenken is the only one authorized Oeko-Tex test institute in Japan. Since joined in Oeko-Tex in 2000, Nissenken kept engaged in certifying human-friendly textiles. Customers can apply for this certification at any stage of processing. Oeko-Tex certification is a very reliable mark in the European and American market where people attach great importance to textile safety.

The Oeko-Tex website address is
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Oeko-Tex 100 standard introduction

Oeko-Tex 100 is the world's first, comprehensive standard to evaluate contents of harmful substances which may have some influence on human health and environment. With the textile globalization, Oeko-Tex certifies safety textile in accordance with world standard regardless of the manufacturing location and retailing place. The Oeko-Tex certification carried out by Nissenken only confronts Japanese customers, but the harmful substance analysis is valid for customers all around the world.

Certification subjects of Oeko-Tex 100 standard

Oeko-Tex can provide certification from raw materials to finished products. Needless to say, common products like fiber thread, textiles and garments, we also receive test requests for zippers, straps and other accessories testing and provide service like dyeing and washing. In the whole textile industry, the raw materials certification simplify the receiving of product certification.

Japan internal certification subject list (Japanese)

Oeko-Tex regulated substance and its harmful imfluence

Substance can be absorbed by human body through ingestion or skin.

  • Appication and porperty of prohibited substance. (Japanese)
  • Regulated Substance / Annex 4 (Japanese)
  • Regulated Substance / Annex 6 (Japanese)

Product classes

Four limit value made on the basis of using time and skin attach degree.

Application method of Oeko-Tex certification(only for Japan domestic companies)

Selection of certifying contents

The applicant needs to decide certifying contents before applying for certification. Then we will give the quoted price after receiving your application form.


The application form and specimen need to be supplied


We will carry out site investigation according to the certification list supplied by our customers and give some suggestions about the certification scope.


If file checking, test analysis and visit-auditing are all in comply with Oeko-Tex standard 100, Nissenken will award the specimen with Oeko-Tex certification and the label of which can be attached to the certified product and is valid for one year.