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Nissenken outline

Center Instruction

Company Name Nissenken Quality Evaluation Center
Establishment December 6, 1948
Representative President: Nobuhiro Komada

【 Head office 】
8F, 2-16-11, Kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0051 JAPAN
Tel: +81-3-3861-2341 Fax: +81-3-3861-4280 E-mail

【 Japan 】
■Oeko-Tex Laboratory
■Tokyo Laboratory
 [ Kuramae Lab / Tateishi Lab / Yoyogi Branch Office /
 Ebisu Branch Office / Ryomou Branch Office ]
■Chubu Laboratory
 [ Testing Center / Tokai Branch Office / Hamamatsu Branch Office ]
■Kyoto Inspection House
 [ Testing Center ]
■Osaka Laboratory
 [ Testing Center / Honmachi Branch Office / Namba Branch Office ]
■Nishiwaki Inspection House  [ Testing Center ]
【 China 】
■Shanghai Laboratory
 [ Testing center / Shanghai Mart Branch Office ]
■Nantong Laboratory
 [ Testing center / Garment Inspection Center / Fabric Inspection Center / Zhangjiagang Branch Office ]
■Nantong – Chong Chuan Laboratory
 [ Testing Center / Garment Inspection Center ]
■Nantong Renminlu Laboratory
 [ Testing Center / Garment Inspection Center / Industrial Area Testing Center / Industrial Area Garment Inspection Center ]
■Rudong Inspection Center
■Nantong Gangzha District Inspection Center
■Yantai Laboratory
 [ Testing Center / Inspection Center / Qingdao Branch Office /
 Dalian Branch Office ]
■Wuxi Laboratory [ Testing Center ] *Scheduled to open in May 2019.
【 Vietnam 】
■Ho Chi Minh Laboratory Testing Center
■Ho Chi Minh Branch Office
【 Cambodia 】
■Phnom Penh Inspection Center
■Phnom Penh Inspection Center 2
■Phnom Penh Branch
【 Myanmar 】
■Yangon Laboratory [ Inspection Center ]
【 Bangladesh 】
■Dhaka Laboratory [ Testing Center ]
【 India 】
■Jaipur Laboratory, India [ Testing Center / Delhi Branch Office /
Panipat Branch Office ]

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Main Work Fabric testing
To test fundamental properties of fabrics like color fastness, strength, dimensional change, fiber mixture, etc.

Textile product testing
To test textile product like garments and sundries. Appearance, sewing testing, care label information confirmation, dimensional change, surface appearance change, etc.

Fabric inspection / product inspection
Check the appearance and dimensional change of the cloth, ready-made garment and sundries.

Sundries / Toys testing
To test the strength, functionality, and safety of shoes, bags, belts, stuffed toys, curtains, etc.

Functionality evaluation
To test amenity and hygiene property of fabric like water resistance, warmth retaining property, air permeability, opacity, antibacterial activity, anti-mould activity, anti-virus activity, etc.

Safety testing
To test the harmful chemicals inside textile product like certain aromatic amine, formaldehyde, heavy metal, pH, etc.

■QCS — Quality consulting service
To offer consulting service related to making care label such as to supply customers with advice and proposal for writing care labeling, improving appearance, sewing and quality of products, etc.

■Anti-disaster and safety evaluation
To assess the high visibility property related to anti-disaster and safety property such as high visibility clothing, retroreflective material, luminous evacuation guidance sign, evacuation guiding system, etc.

Foreign standards
To carry out testing in accordance with foreign standards like ISO (International Standard Organization), GB(China), ASTM, AATCC(America), etc.

Certificated and authorized testing
To test in accordance with the external standards like Eco-leather, SEK mark, Wool mark, etc.

OEKO-TEX® certification
To issue OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, ECO PASSPORT, STeP, and MADE IN GREEN. OEKO-TEX is a world comprehensive standard to evaluate safety of textile and related products.

mission of nissenken

It has been 70 years since Nissenken was established in 1948 as inspection and testing institute for dyed and processed products. Nissenken was and will always be carrying out all the testing and inspection on the impartial position, evaluating the added value and new materials produced to satisfy customers' diversified needs, and contributing to build healthier and more comfortable world.
In the year 2000, Nissenken joined the international testing and research institute [OEKO-TEX® international community] and became the only OEKO-TEX® standard 100 authorized certificating institute.
As the third party testing and inspection center with global way of thinking, Nissenken increased overseas’ investments to connect the consumers, products and manufactures with confidence worldwide.

Nissenken big pillars

As specialized institute committed in quality evaluation of materials and products related to textiles, Nissenken persistently insists on carrying out testing and inspection on basis of ensuring consumers' [Confidence, Safety, Health]. Below are 4 pillars of the third part testing and inspection institute.
Nissenken big pillars
Testing and Inspection for textile products
Carry out testing and inspection according to customers' needs and development.
Oeko-tex® certification
The only institute in japan issuing OEKO-TEX® certification which can prove the safety of materials and products.
QCS / Quality Consulting Service
Support apparel makers with our sophisticated skills and technology to make products with high customer satisfaction.
Anti-disaster / Safety Evaluation
Evaluate the [Anti-disaster / Safety] property of products which attracts high attention especially after the big earthquake.
These 4 pillars ensures the confidence among consumers, products and manufactures at home and abroad.